Hurricane Creek Hunts offers Trophy White-Tail Deer and Turkey hunting in Northern Missouri. Several of our properties lay on or close to creeks or rivers with food varieties from farming, beans, corn, alfalfa, milo, flax, clovers and sunflowers.

Also, the managed food plots that are strategically placed along timber lines to open fields is a big drawing card.

There are several 4X5 tower stands that will comfortably hold one or two hunters, however, hunters can bring their own equipment if desired.

We do have a limited number of hunters to assure that there a good number of mature bucks available.

Also, we ask our hunters to harvest minimum score bucks at 130 inches. Some of our properties are in counties that have a one side 4 point rule.

No need to say anything about turkeys... THEY ARE EVERYWHERE 111

Pheasant & Quail Hunts Available

Camping Packages & Fishing Available